“Book of Baph” is a personal experimental project of mine, and gives me a reason to explore all the fancy creative software the internet has to offer. From animation to 3D modeling and 3D prints to general artmaking, it all comes together with “Baph.”


But what is “Baph”?

“Book of Baph” tells the story of a tiny ludicrous demon, who's been sent to earth after Lucifer is sick of taking the blame for human failure. Baph's ultimate goal is to do a range of “good deeds” to prove humanity wrong in their assumption that everything bad comes from hell and its demons. As a reward, Baph is promised to get his “life record” back. This contains information about his once-human personality and all the reasons that led him go to hell when he died (because it's believed that when you die and go to hell, you become Lucifer's little minion). However, Baph is lazy, naive, and reckless. All he wants is to be sluggish and piggish, but he's constantly getting involved in action and drama. Poor thing. He just wants his Taccos.


Why tho?

I'd like to share the complete creative journey of my experimental failures and insights, the results and all my baby steps. Failure and growing are part of every new artistic path and I am excited to experiment with a new one. Also, feel free to submit feedback and advise anytime!